Parlance for speech sermon and gentle dialogue

Parlance for speech sermon and gentle dialogue

Parlance for speech sermon and gentle dialogue will be helpful for increasing your word stock. Parlance for speech sermon and gentle dialogue will be helping to enrich writing skill. Parlance for speech sermon and gentle dialogue for readability. Parlance for speech sermon and gentle dialogue will be helpful for English News Paper, Magazines and all types of periodicals reading. Parlance for speech sermon and gentle dialogue will be helpful for any types of report writing.

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SL Word Word Meaning Application
176. Spectator Onlooker, observer, witness, beholder, bystander. The spectators were greatly excited when a goal was scored.
177. Speech Power of speaking, talk, address, discourse, harangue, oration, words, language, parlance. His speech was vague unnecessarily lengthy and monotonous.
178. Speed Swiftness, rate of movement, rapidity, haste, quickness, celerity, hasten, hurry, move quickly, further, quicken, expedite, succeed, prosper. He was driving the car at full speed. He speeds along the street and soon reached his destination. May God speed you.
179. Spend Disperse, expend, pay out, exhaust, consume, pass, employ. He spends a lot of money on luxury goods every month. How do you spend your leisure hours?
180. Spice Aromatic or pungent substance to flavor food, savor, seasoning. She is a good cook, but she uses too much spice which is injurious to health.
181. Spill Upset, pour out, shed, throw, off, effuse. Jena has spilt the milk on the floor of the room.
182. Spinster An unmarried woman. She is now about thirty years old, and she likes to remain a spinster for the rest of her life.
183. Spirit soul, ghost, sprite, elf, specter, courage, vigor, liveliness, essence, real meaning, drift, intent, essential, character, state of mind, alcohol. The young man possesses many good qualities, but he is lacking in spirit. Try to realize the spirit, and not the letter, of what he has written to you.
184. Spiritual Interested in things of the spirit, non-material, supernatural, holy, pure, sacred, divine, incorporeal All his life my father strove to attain spiritual enlightenment.
185. Spit Eject saliva from mouth. Please don’t spit in the corridor.
186. Splutter Speak quickly and incoherently, sputter. He was so much excited that he spluttered out a few words about his future course of action and left the place.
187. Spoil Stolen goods, plunder, booty, gain, profits, spoliation, impair damage, mar, disfigure, corrupt, harm, pillage, despoil. Spear the rod and spoil the child. The dacoits sat together and began to divide the spoils among them.
188. Spoon Utensil with shallow bowl at end of a handle for stirring or taking food to mouth. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth (born in a rich family). Stir the water with a spoon.
189. Spring flow, of water from earth, fountain, fount, season that comes after winter, jump, leap, bound, hop, come into being, arise, proceed, emanate, emerge, originate, grow, thrive. They say that the water of this spring is a remedy for skin diseases. If winter comes, can spring be far behind? Shelley. Hearing the good news, he sprang to his feet.
190. Spry Nimble, lively, vigorous, active, agile. She is on the wrong side of seventy, but she is still spry.
191. Spur Urge, incite, stimulate, arouse, goad, impel, induce, ride hard The ride spurred on his horse, but it refused to move.
192. Spurt Come out in a sudden burst; make a sudden and violent effort, rush sanely, brush of energy. The boy ran slowly at first but he spurted at the end and won the race.
193. Spy One engaged in espionage, keep a secret watch on others, secret agent, watch secretly, observe, espy, see, detect, discover. At first we took him for a spy. He entered the enemy’s territory in the guise of a beggar and spied on the movements of the soldiers.
194. Squabble Noisy quarrel over petty affair, altercation, contention, contend, bicker, wrangle. Jena and Jane were squabbling over the possession of a doll’s house. The squabble of the boys soon turned into a fight.
195. Squalid Dirty, foul, filthy, mean, poor, unclean, uncared for, nasty. Many people live in these squalid slums.
196. Squander Waste, spend wastefully, lavish, dissipate, misuse. It you squander your money in this way you will have to repent in the long run.
197. Squat Sit on heels with legs drawn up, crouch, sit The old woman squatted before the altar and prayed to God.
198. Stadium Enclosed open-air area for games and athletic competitions. The stadium at Salt Lake in Kolkata is the biggest in India.
199. Staff Club, stick, pole, employees, workers, personnel. There was a football match between the teaching staff and the students of the college.
200. Stage Raised platform, scene of action, point of development, step, period, produce, arrange, present. It is strange that the child, about four years old, has not yet reached the talking stage. The students of class XI staged a one-act play.

Parlance for speech sermon and gentle dialogue will be useful for building Spoken English capacity. Parlance for speech sermon and gentle dialogue will be useful for any types of examinations. Parlance for speech sermon and gentle dialogue will be an aid to listening BBC News or CNN News.