Motivation words for English as a second language

Motivation words for English as a second language

Motivation words for English as a second language will help you using Gmail Facebook Twitter Yahoo video chatting online dating, jobs and career. Motivation words for English as a second language will be a great assistance for enhancing your word stock. Motivation words for English as a second language will be helping to deepen writing skill. Motivation words for English as a second language for reading ability. Motivation words for English as a second language be helpful for reading English Press, Magazines and all types of periodicals. Motivation words for English as a second language will be helpful for technical report writing.

English vocabulary list with meaning

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Motivation words for English as a second language

English words with many meanings

SL Word Word Meaning Application
51. Wing Either of the two organs of a bird or an insect by which it flies, cause to go fast, fly, travel or wings. Remember that riches have wings. A crane was winging around the tank. Poet Keats goes to the world of the nightingale on the viewless wings of imagination.
52. Wink act of winking as a signal or hint or secret warning, close and open an eye rapidly to draw attention or as a private purposely avoid seeing, ignore deliberately. You should no longer wink at his faults. Last night I did not have a wink of sleep.
53. Winter Coldest season between autumn and spring, pass or spend the winter. These vegetables are available in winter. The regiment wintered in Burma.
54. Wise Having knowledge and intelligence, sagacious, sensible, sage, judicious, sapient, prudent, judicious The old judge was a very wise man.
55. Wish Longing, intention, liking, desire, long for, want, like, yearn. He expressed his last wish before his death. I wish I were dead. Can you say that you have nothing to wish for?
56. Wistful Sadly pensive, mournfully longing, yearning, earnest, eager, intent. The young girl looked at her old husband with wistful eyes.
57. Withdraw Pull or drawback, call off, take back, retire, retract, recall, evoke, retreat. Instead of withdrawing his remark he repeated it. The strike was withdrawn.
58. Witness One who gives evidence, testimony, deponent, proof, testifier, be present at and see, notice, watch. The witness tried to defend the accused by telling lies. They witnessed the accident and I heard it from them.
59. Woe Sorrow, grief, misfortune, distress, affliction, misery, hardship, calamity, adversity, suffering. He stood by his friend in weal and woe.
60. Wonder Marvel, miracle, amazement, bewilderment, surprise combined with admiration, astonishment, feel surprised, feel curiosity. I marked that his eyes were full of wonder. It is no wonder that he has failed. I wonder if I can do it.
61. Wonderful Marvelous, remarkable, admirable, very fine, astonishing, astounding, miraculous, surprising, prodigious. Aladdin had a wonderful lamp that could do miracles.
62. Wont Accustomed, inured, habituated He is wont to hard manual work.
63. Word Expression, term, remark, statement, information, tidings, message, promise, assurance, command, order, instruction, signal. Be true to your word. His speech was well worded.
64. Work Labor, task, toil, employment, business, performance, production, book, perform, function, operate, shape, apply effort, act, strive, accomplish, drudge. He is not accustomed to hard work. He works very hard to make both ends meet.
65. World Earth, universe, mankind, creation. Stephen Hocking’s name spread all over the world.
66. Worry Care, anxiety, concern, uneasiness, trouble, cause anxiety or discomfort, pester, harass, annoy, plague, torment, vex, chafe, molest. Don’t worry about these trifling affairs. She always complains of her worries and anxieties in life.
67. Worship Adoration, reverence, respect, admiration, adores, admire, venerate, revere, respect, pay homage, regard with extreme devotion. Churches, mosques and temples are all sacred places of worship. The cow is worshipped by many Hindus.
68. Worth Value, merit, virtue, excellence, usefulness, cost, price, of equal value to. True worth often goes unrecognized. In my opinion his discovery is of little worth. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
69. Worthy Deserving, meriting, virtuous, valuable, estimable, person of some distinction entitled to honor of respect, admirable. The honest of the boy is worthy of praise.
70. Wound Injury, pain given to a person’s feelings, injures, hurt, inflict pain, harm, damage Red fluid gushed from the gaping wound below his knee. Many soldiers were wounded in the battle-field.
71. Wrap Cover, roll up, fold, put round, wind, and swathe, envelop. The origin of life is wrapped in mystery. The woman wrapped her child in a towel and went away.
72. Wrest Take away forcibly, get by effort, twist, pervert, wrench, wring, extort. The ruffians wrested the packet out of his hands and fled away. The police tortured the criminal mercilessly, but failed to wrest his confession of guilt.
73. Wrestle Contend by grappling and trying to throw down, struggle, fight, strive, contest He is tired of wrestling with adverse circumstances in life.
74. Wring Twist, squeeze, force, wrench, wrest, extort, clasp and twist (hands or fingers) together. The old man wrung his hands in despair.
75. Wrinkle Craze, pucker, plait, rumple, rumple, corrugation useful hint or suggestion, or undergo contraction or puckering into small foods, become creased, crumple, corrugate. He is not old, but he has wrinkles on his face.
76. Wrong Iniquity, injustice, harm, sin, evil, misdeed, unjust treatment or action, not morally right, improper, mistaken, wicked, iniquitous, unfair, treat, unjustly, be unfair to, oppress, improperly, amiss. I have done no wrong. He gave me a wrong address. Do not wrong even your enemies. I am sure he will lead you wrong.

Motivation words for English as a second language will be useful for building Spoken English capacity. Motivation words for English as a second language will be useful for any types of examinations. Motivation words for English as a second language will be an aid to listening BBC News or CNN News.