Grammar, Pronoun usage in Spoken English

Grammar, Pronoun usage in Spoken English

How get online grammar helpHow get online grammar help to increase English skill. Grammar, Pronoun usage in Spoken English undoubtedly made most effective way to speak English. You will understand if you read out the following lessons give below Grammar, Pronoun usage in Spoken English. All contents are given absolutely free just use your internet, get lesson and practice more and more Spoken English and create Spoken English environment. Spoken English Tutorials will help you to speak, listen and guide you to write appropriate English in the right place on the right time. Lets see how Grammar, Pronoun usage in Spoken English has been used.

Pronoun usage in Spoken EnglishHow get online grammar help to increase English skill

Grammar, Pronoun usage in Spoken English

Grammar, Pronoun usage in Spoken English Tutorials will teach you how to use of whose

Whose pen is this?

This pen is mine.


Whose mistake is this?

This is my mistake.


Whose bike is this?

The bike is mine.


Whose Shirt is red in color?

My shirt is red in color.

Whose signature is this, identify?

This is Mr. Jack’s signature.

Whose mobile is in my briefcase?

Oh! That’s mine.

Grammar, Pronoun usage in Spoken English Tutorials will teach you how to use of How

How’s the feast?

Oh the dishes were finger licking.

The chicken was awesome.

The beef was immensely delicious.


How do you find out our address?

I got it from Mrs. Jane.


How’s your father’s state?

Oh! He’s feeling better now.


How can I know that?

You can know everything from our front desk.


How did you reach there?

I reached there by Train.


How much is it?

It costs five bucks.


How long will you wait?

I’ll wait up to 5 O’ Clock.


How long could you wait?

I could maximum 5 O’ Clock.


How do you know that?

I knew from Mrs. Jane.


How do you convince?

It’s really hard to convince someone, but I have to catch him by ash.


How did you locate our office.

I didn’t able to locate first unless the watchman helps me.


How are the children?

Oh don’t say that, they become very wicked.


How does she go to college?

She goes college by taxi.


How to open this lock?

Insert the key into lock, turn left, and the lock will automatically open.


How do I put water in bottle?

Open the lid of the bottle first, then pour water inside it.


How do you prepare tea?

I don’t know, i’m afraid i should ask my mom.


How do I help a man lifting a box?

Offer the man to help him and lift the box up with him.


How do we make him stop taking nonsense?

We can evade him and the less we talk to him the better would it be.


How to be punctual?

Try learning proactive management.


Grammar, Pronoun usage in Spoken English Tutorials Ordering Situation

Stop the car.

Turn the light on.

Don’t be silly.

Draw the curtain.

Don’t repeat it in future.

Don’t pluck the mangoes.

Don’t pluck the flower.

Lock the door.

Put the hinge behind the door.

Mind your language.

Close the window.

Meet Tomorrow.

Arrange the book in order.

Arrange the cloths in order.

Go get him here.

Bring them here.

Attend to the phone.

Wake him up.

Wear your shirt.

Get up.

Meet me in person.

Get ready quickly.

Take these pills for three days.

Take him and show around the city.

Send him out.

Keep the change.

Jot down the address.

Don’t move around with him.

Don’t talk about that.

Don’t taunt me.

Don’t make me angry.

Don’t waste my time.

Don’t keep the window open.

Don’t beat about the bush.

Don’t eat too much.

Don’t talk to me.

They are not on a speaking term.

Don’t spend all the money.

You go, I’ll join you there.

I’ll join you for India.

If don’t mind, may I accompany you?

If you don’t mind me asking, may I know with whom I taking to?

Come along with me.

If you don’t mind, may I take you leave?


Grammar, Pronoun usage in Spoken English Tutorials will teach you how to use of AM/IS/ARE/WERE/DO/DOES

Is he at home?

Yeah he’s home.


Is it true?

Yeah it’s true.


Is this seat vacant?

Yeah it’s vacant.


Is he your relative?

Yeah off course.


Is she your sister?

Yeah she is.


Is your husband employed?

Yeah he’s employed.


Is this yours?

Yeah its mine.


Is the shop open?

Yeah sure.



Is it useful?



Is he your husband?

Yeah of course.


Is this important?



Is it worth 100 bucks?



Is your house locked?

No who told you this? My house is open.


Are you awake?

Yeah I’m.


Are they your relatives?



Are you aware of that?

Yeah I’m


Are you satisfied now?

No not the least.


Are you taking rest now?

No not that just stretched on the couch.


Are you angry with me?

No not at all.


Are you interested in that?

Yeah of course.


Are you not sound?

I’m feeling a bit feverish.