Donate free vocabulary and word lesson for student

Donate free vocabulary and word lesson for student

Donate free vocabulary and word lesson for student will be helpful for increasing your word stock. Donate free vocabulary and word lesson for student will be helping to enrich writing skill. Donate free vocabulary and word lesson for student for readability. Donate free vocabulary and word lesson for student will be helpful for English News Paper, Magazines and all types of periodicals reading. Donate free vocabulary and word lesson for student will be helpful for any types of report writing.

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SL Word Word Meaning Application
251. Succeed Prosper, flourish, gain ones purpose, thrive, follow, ensure, and take place of, inherit. He succeeded in life by dint of hard and honest amour. He succeeded to his uncle’s property.
252. Success Attainment, achievement, victory, triumph, prosperity, good fortune, outcome. Success in life does not drop from the blue above; it has got to be attained.
253. Successful Victorious prosperous, triumphant, attaining success, fortunate. He was successful in his first attempt.
254. Suck Draw into month, roll in mouth and squeeze. You are no longer a child, so you should give up, your bad habit of sucking your thumb.
255. Sudden Abrupt, happening unexpectedly, surprising, quick, hurried, hasty, unforeseen, without warning. His sudden departure astonished us all.
256. Suffer Feel pain, undergo or experience something unpleasant, sustain, endure, bear, tolerate, allow, permit. You must suffer for your past follies. He is suffering from fever.
257. Sufficient Enough, adequate, plentiful. This is quite sufficient for our present need.
258. Suggestion Proposal, indication, hint, insinuation, plan. I acted upon your suggestion.
259. Sui-cide Self-mur-der. Unable to bear the pangs of poverty, he committed sui-cide.
260. Suitable Convenient, fitting, proper, apt, appropriate, becoming, befitting. The speech was not suitable to the occasion.
261. Suite Matched set, complete set or rooms in hotel, retinue. He is staying in an upper suite in this hotel.
262. Sum Total, aggregate, whole, amount of money, problem in arithmetic, add up, express briefly (the main points). He could not work out the sum. This sum of money will suffice. Let me sum up the main points of our discussion before coming to a conclusion.
263. Superior Better, higher, upper in rank, finer. This pen is superior to that.
264. Superstition Unnatural belief in the supernatural, idea or practice based on belief in magic, witchcraft etc. unreasonable fear of what is mysterious. Most of the people of this village believe in superstitions.
265. Supplement Addition, appendix to supply deficiency, postscript, continuation, supply deficiency, adds to. He supplements his income by private tuition.
266. Supply Provision, stock, store, reserve, substitute, afford, give, provide, furnish, meet needs, minister, serve, contribute The supply of rice was not adequate. He supplied us few necessary information. He supplied food to poor to poor man.
267. Support Assistance, aid, help, prop, sustenance, patronage, and hold up, bear the weight, brace, strengthen, assist. The child is the widow’s only support in life. We shall all support your claim.
268. Suppose Assume, take for granted, think, imagine, guess, conjecture, accept as likely, face, be expected, obliged We supposed him to be a spy. You were supposed to be present in the meeting.
269. Sure Certain, doubtless, confident, positive, assured, trustworthy, reliable. I am sure of success. This letter is very important, so send it by a sure hand.
270. Surprise Something sudden or unexpected. Amazement, feeling of being taken unawares, astonishes, amaze, startle, astound, confuse, bewilder. I shall give you a pleasant surprise when you come to my house. I was surprised at the news.
271. Suspect Doubt, mistrust, distrust, guess, surmise, conjecture. He suspected his servant of theft.
272. Swamp Marsh, fen, morass, bog, soak, drench. As I had no umbrella with me, I swamped with the rain water.
273. Sweet Luscious, tasting, like sugar, honeyed, agreeable, soft, tuneful, melodious, dulcet, fresh, fragrant, balmy, pleasant, attractive, gentle, fender, amiable, mild, dear, beloved The mango smells sweet, but tastes sour. Sweet are the uses of adversity. – Shakespeare.
274. Swim Support and move the body through water float. Falling down from the boat; he swam across the river and reached the shore safely.
275. Swing Seat hung by ropes or chains to swing on, move forward and backward or in a curve, oscillate, sway, dangle, revolve. The mother placed her child on the swing. Children love to swing.
276. Swoon Faint, fall into a fainting fit. Hearing the news of her husband’s departure, the woman swooned.
277. Swat Study hard, revise. Swat up your previous lessons, and then you will be able to understand this new chapter.
278. Symbol Emblem, sign, mark or figure representing or typifying something. The cop is the symbol of law and order in society.
279. Sympathetic Kind, pitiful, compassionate, having sympathy. He is sympathetic towards the poor.
280. Sympathy Kindness, feeling for another in pain, compassion, commiseration, pity. He has no sympathy for the poor.
281. Symptom Change in the body’s condition indicating ill health or disease, sign, note, mark. The doctor says that these are clear symptoms of jaundice.

Donate free vocabulary and word lesson for student will be useful for building Spoken English capacity. Donate free vocabulary and word lesson for student will be useful for any types of examinations. Donate free vocabulary and word lesson for student will be an aid to listening BBC News or CNN News.