Become a good writer learning colorful vocabulary

Become a good writer learning colorful vocabulary

Become a good writer learning colorful vocabulary will be helpful for increasing your word stock. Become a good writer learning colorful vocabulary will be helping to enrich writing skill. Become a good writer learning colorful vocabulary for readability. Become a good writer learning colorful vocabulary will be helpful for English News Paper, Magazines and all types of periodicals reading. Become a good writer learning colorful vocabulary will be helpful for any types of report writing.

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SL Word Word Meaning Application
126. Slow Dilatory, taking, a long, time, tardy, behindhand, late, slack, lingering, inactive, behind, the correct time, dull, slacken, speed. Slow but steady wins the race. My watch is five minutes slow. The boy is slow of hearing. The road is being congested; the driver of the bus slowed down the speed.
127. Sly Cunning, crafty, artful, wily, deceitful, astute, stealthy, playful, mischievous. The sly look in his eyes was indicative of his real motive.
128. Smack Slap, hit, strike with the open hand flavor, or suggestion. What he says smacks of his intention to refrain from voting.
129. Small Little, unimportant, trifling, trivial, petty, puny, tiny, diminutive, scanty, inadequate, slight, short, mean, ungenerous, humble. The small sum of money will not serve my purpose.
130. Smart Prompt, sprightly, active, clever, witty, agile, nimble, bright, clean, well, dressed, trim, feel sharp pain, suffer acutely, be paid out for. He is quite smart, but he is shy with women. He is smarting under a sense of wrong. I shall make him smart for his treachery.
131. Smell Odor, scent perfume, aroma, fragrance, perceive, by noise give but noise suggest odor. The food is palatable but its smell is not my liking. This dish smells of onion.
132. Smile Happy or amused expression on the face with part or curve lips to give to the face look expressive of pleasure or amusement simper, smirk. The woman has always a pleasant smile on her face. Fortune smiled upon him at last. The flower that smiles today fades tomorrow.
133. Smoke Visible vapor coming from something burning fume, reek emit fumes, inhale, and exhale, smoke of burning, tobacco. The house caught fire, and columns of smoke were coming out of it. Smoking is injurious to health.
134. Smooth Level, even, plain, flat, polished, fettering, bland, mild, calm, soft, glib, fluent, easy, soothing, suave. Your skin is rough but your hands are smooth.
135. Snag Hidden obstacle, unknown or unexpected. Difficulty. The flight was delayed as a snag was detected in the aircraft.
136. Snake Legless crawling reptile, serpent. The farmer was bitten by a poisonous snake and he soon died.
137. Snare Trap, net, noose, toils, gin, springs The villagers set a snare to catch the fox.
138. Snarl Tangle, knot, confused, state, causing jams, growl, speak, in a harsh voice. Now-a-days the traffic snarls In Kolkata are almost a daily feature.
139. Snatch Pluch, pull, wrest, clutch, grasp, seize, make quick grab. He snatched the book from my hand.
140.. Sneer Jeer, deride, speak, scornfully, scoff, mock, gibe. He sneers at sacred things.
141. Snore Breathe roughly and noisiy while asleep. He begins to snore as soon as he goes to bed.
142. Snow Frozen vapor, failing in white, flakes, fail as snow. There was a heavy fail of snow last night. As it snowed throughout the day, we could not go out of doors.
143. Snug Comfortable, cozy, conveniently, arranged, neat, trim, sheltered. We took our seat in the snug and cozy corner in the restaurant.
144. Soak Wet, moisten, lien in liquid, drench, absorb, liquid, steep, saturate. This towel will soak the water lying on the floor.
145. Soar Rise, fly high hover, mount, ascend, aspire, rise high in thought or intellectually. The bird soared high in the sky.
146. Sob To catch the breath convulsively in grief or distress. Entering the room I found her sobbing bitterly.
147. Social Relating to society living in communities gregarious, sociable, friendly, festive Man is a social animal. Drug addiction has now become a great social problem.
148. Society Living associated with others social way of living companionship, company, association, brotherhood, sodality. Such criminals are great dangers to society. She spend every Saturday evening in the society on her friends.
149. Sodden Boiled, soaked, wet, drenched, saturated. Put off your clothes sodden with rain, or you will catch cold.
150. Soft Not resisting pressure, yielding to pressure, flexible, pliable, malleable, smooth, delicate, subdued, mild, gentle, tender, kind, lenient, sympathetic, considerate, feebleminded, dulcet The mattress is as soft as soft as velvet. Charmed and spellbound I stood listening to the soft and melodious music. Unlike her mother she has a soft tongue, the headmaster is strict, but he has a soft heart.

Become a good writer learning colorful vocabulary will be useful for building Spoken English capacity. Become a good writer learning colorful vocabulary will be useful for any types of examinations. Become a good writer learning colorful vocabulary will be an aid to listening BBC News or CNN News.